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Hanahuda Ejiko Ayame-Ni-Yatsuhashi *4

Hanahuda Ejiko Ayame-Ni-Yatsuhashi *4

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Size / 3 sun + hair bun Size / About9cm + hair bun
Wood / camellia Wood / camellia
Drawing Material / Pigment, Dye,Ink
About shipping cost
For dear my oversea customers.I am very happy to deliver my products overseas,but you must pay for the shipping fee.Shipping fee is not included on the price.Shipping fee varies with weights of the product.Since my product is all handmade, it weights can be measured after when it's done.I really appreciate for your understanding.More details are available on 【About shipping cost】 page.If there is anything, you can contact me and ask me any questions.Thank you.

Things you must be aware of when you receive your product
Placing Kokeshi where sun light spots could change the color due to the damage of UV to wood and painting.Placing Kokeshi at the dry environment could lead to cracks and damage to painting.Wax was used on some products.Sometimes wax can stick together with white or yellow soild form. You can easily wipe them off by cleaning with dry clean towel.

About shipping fee To domestic customers. The purchased products will be shipped by Yamato courier service cash on delivery. Shipping is not included in the product price. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. After purchasing the product, we will send you an email regarding the shipping cost. For details on how to pay for shipping, please check the [About shipping cost] page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Handling of the work If the work is placed in a place exposed to sunlight, the color of the wood and dyes may change due to ultraviolet rays. If the work is displayed in a dry place, the wood may crack and the pigment may come off. For wax finished works, the wax may solidify white or yellow. In that case, please polish it with a dry cloth. Please feel free to contact us if there are any obvious damages, cracks in the wood, uneven colors, etc. I try to make beautiful works, but all processes are done by hand. We appreciate your understanding.
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