How to buy

For dear my overseas customers.

I am very happy to deliver my products overseas, but you must pay for the shipping fee. Your product will be sent by Japan post EMS, express oversea shipping. Shipping fee varies with destination, weights of the product (Including the weight of cushioning material ). The shipping fee will be automatically calculated at the time of payment, so please check the shipping fee before purchasing.

Japanpost EMS Rate schedule

Japanpost EMS Countries and Areas

For domestic customers

[Shipping method Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. cash on delivery] After shipping, we will inform the customer of the shipping fee by e-mail. When the product is delivered, please pay the shipping fee to the delivery person.

The shipping fee changes depending on the size of the cardboard for shipping. If you order a small number of small items, we will arrange them with [TA-Q-BIN Compact], which offers low shipping costs.

The shipping fee is not uniform nationwide. Please check the shipping cost list and shipping cost calculation site below. We will ship from Miyagi Prefecture.

Yamato Transport takkyubin (home delivery service) nationwide shipping list

210 yen will be deducted from the regular fee for the sizes listed on the above site (other than TA-Q-BIN Compact). (Kuroneko member bring-in discount - 150 yen, digital discount - 60 yen will be applied.)

Yamato Transport TA-Q-BIN Compact Shipping Calculation Site

We will deduct 100 yen from the regular price listed on the above site. (Bring-in discount - 100 yen will be applied.) We will bear the cost of the dedicated BOX.